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New Public Enemy Apr 27

There is a new public enemy or at least there is on Davids shit list. And while this one does have two legs and does not speak english, it also has wings! The medium sized bastards have declared my deck planters to be there new playground.

Now when they pulled out one plant just after I had put them in I thought it was rather charming bordering on cute. When I came home the other day to find that the had totally mowed the best planter back to just green I now understand how my Mum felt when the cows run ramage through her garden!.

In Japanese they are called Karasu, and we call them Ravens. Big black birds that are everywehere here, make lots of noise and now my sworn enemy.

(It may not look it, but that planter was actually all flowers and really nice! This picture is few days after the deed so its recovered a little).

I wonder if the hundred yen shop stock water pistols. Could be effective and hopefully the neighbour below won’t be to annoyed.

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