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Lost and Windy Apr 19

Ok today is a mixed bag of problems! Somewhere roaming around my apartment or desk is my mobile phone. Having never been a very big user of said technology I’ve recently become rather attached to the its camera function of all things. Mainly cos it takes nice little pictures about the right size to post here, and I can email them direct and it easy and I am lazy and well, it a reaon to actually carry my mobile phone.

You mean carry it because people may want to actually get hold of me. Novel concept, never going to catch on, I mean who could stand the constant interuptions all the time. So now that I’ve actually got a reason for carrying it and having another crack at working out how some of the bloody functions work. (and if you say read the manual, I’ll send you the manual in frelling Japanese it is! yes!, so don’t look so smug – because if at this distance its so big it will hurt when it hits you. And the english translation, well lets say great effort guys, really appreciate the thought) I lose it. (the phone that is)

This is not the first time that I’ve lost a mobile phone, actually the count for lost mobile phones is past one hand and steadily climbing onto the other, it is however (or could be) the first thats going to have to come out of my own pocket! And if you ask why do I keep losing phones, I ask, why do they keep giving me ones that are so small? So it looks like we are going to have to an spring/spring clean to figure out where we have cleaned the phone away to, since it obvious I won’t have lost it outside the apartment as I never carry it with me. Time to put the mobile back into mobile.

As for the windy part, it blowing a gale outside and the noise on the windows sounds like a herd of elephants is going past all the time. Typhoon season promises to be interesting.
Update: Found my new little friend. Had to do the normal trick of phoning myself and there under the bed it was!! Anyway have decided its a great toy to take pictures with, an hey people can also get hold of me!

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