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Food So Good! Apr 30

A while ago when I first moved here I found this great website called, which listed resturants in the Tokyo area. And also in the Shirokanedai area.

Well after a little read I was rather taken by the one called Karashi, for a couple of reason. 1. It sounded dead cool!, 2. The food sounded even better and 3. According to the address it was right next door to me!
And thats the bit that really was getting me intrigued! I’d been walking up and down that street quite a bit by this time and there was nothing to indicate said restaurant existed. Careful checking of address and map booked concured that it had to be on the main road one block up from me! I’d found AnBai, but this one was elusive.

With pride on the line I was determined to find this place when Claire and Graham were over, unfortunately what stupid had not accounted for was that while I many not have had much success being able to find the place, everyone else had! And bookings are essential if you want to eat at the counter. We settled for An Bai that night which was delicious (Ooishi).

Now that I knew this place was tucked down the end of long yellow corridor with only a single sign displayed at night determination was to get a booking for me and Sue on Sunday night, and if we wanted to sit at the counter 6pm would do the trick. Well it was worth all the effort of tracking down! We were sitting where the couple in the picture are, and I suspect our host/chef had an excellant understanding of english because he knew we were drooling over the lobster being prepared and it certainly arrived dramtic flourish and rather large shit eating grin on his behalf which caused us all to burst out laughing. He so knew we wanted it to be out dish. – (to explain we order the meal for two, so didn’t really know what to expect).

Now back to that lobster, he was entitled to the shit eating grin, as it was/is probably one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in my life!. I think the words expressed were "I am never putting anything else into my mouth again". Damn it was good! Actually there was more put in, "the rest of that lobster".

Reservations are being sought for next friday!

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