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Archive for February, 2006

A case of proof reading Feb 06

Was surfing last night and came across this image. It speaks so loudly itself that really what can you say. Writing a blog means proof reading is a common practice. I think this guy should maybe have done a little. Perhaps then his message may have had the impact he was after instead of the reverse.? Posted by Picasa

Male Non Verbal Communication Feb 01

Received an email from my cousin in law which had the following

"Anyway, I was reading a book about raising boys and it said that men use a lot of non-verbal communication. I had never noticed this and thought it interesting. So I asked Gordon, “Do you think men use a lot of non-verbal communication?”

He shrugged. "

It reminded my of a trip to Paris with my cousin Mark.

When living in London Mark, Heather, Natasha, Bernadette and I decided to goto Paris for the weekend. Well Heather openly admits she is a talker, Natasha admitted that she could carry on three different converstations at the same time (and I beleive her) while Bernadette was also no slouch when it came to the talking olympics either.

This then left me and mark. As you may or maynot know Mark and I shared a house together in NZ just before I left and could happily spend the entire weekend together in the same house and maybe have three sentences of conversation. So here we are going away for a weekend with three women who could overtalk a hurricane. What chance did we have. Actually we were fine, the whole weekend the two of us maybe spoke three of four times, yet knew exactly what each other was doing or thinking.

On the train back the girls finally took a breath and observed that we did talk very much. We just looked at each other shrugged, and they continued on with the conversation about how uncommunicative men were. We could have taken a stand for the male team, but we passed something interesting outside the train and by the time we looked back the conversation was back on hand bags.

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