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Stop Wandering Jan 03
I was watching a really nice movie today, ‘Big Eden’ and it had a great couple of lines that really hit home. ‘When you get lost in the forest you should stop and stay in one place, that way those searching for you can find you, if you wander around they will never find you……’ It made me start to think about my wanderings for the last few years. Have they really been about travelling, or trying to find something, or trying to run from something. Wow I wish I had the answer to that humdinger question.
It does make me think thou, what next? The last 7 years have been amazing and I’ve seen more and done more that I ever imagined I would, and there are still a few really big things I want to see, but the rest is now starting to fade abit. The idea of spending 7 months in the back of a truck camping around africa are now just sorta appealing, after 2 weeks in the middle east I think I am someone who likes my creature comforts a little bit to much. Don’t get me wrong I’ve spend alot of time travelling and sleeping in places that most of the people I know would never dream of. And its highly likely I’ve got more some more rack time ahead of me.
The last 3 months in Japan have given me some time to reflect and look inwards. It was a process tha started in the Greek Islands and is still going on, its not a cricital negative evaluation as that would not be healthy, rather its a taking stock. Call it a mid life crisis if you like, but I don’t think 36 really qualifies for that. And lets face it, no wife, no kids, not even a gold fish!!! So far I do realise I’ve spent a long time wandering, actually I think as soon as I could walk away from Papa Aroha I did, and while I’ve physically been back for visit I don’t think mentally or spiritually I ever have.

Which is rather odd as spiritually I’ve always felt Papa Aroha was my home.

Odd how I had to wander all that time , to find I’m back at the place where I started.
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