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Back in Tokyo Jan 20

Well I’m back in Tokyo after a week of New Zealand. All went really well. Mum and Dad are both getting better. Things went a little down hill with Mum hitting her head and Dad getting an infection in his new knee. Birthday party bash went well with small exception that Dad could not really attend as the antibiotics were not settling very well. Sunday was the day they told me that I was getting black drivers cap and a name change to Parker. Dad had to have a checkup with his surgeon about his knee on Tuesday, and Mum a checkup in Waikato, and neither are allowed to drive.

Good news thing is that I love driving and the new car is great. Dads check up went well and the surgeon is keen to do the other knee asap so that he won’t have pain from it. Mums checkup ruled out all the dreaded lurgies that had been suggested of stroke or tumour. So a few hundred kilometre later family is all back in good health, or on the road to it

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