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A case of the toy Dog Jan 20

Something that I’ve noticed over the last couple of months is the different types of dogs within Tokyo. Now I come from a country were most dogs work for there living, and was brought up with working dogs as pets. We always had them, and still do. They live outside and are never allowed into the house. That being the cats territory. Actually there were rather defined boundaries that they were not really allowed in the front part of the property either as that was the barbecue and cats territory as well. As Dad has mellowed in his old age that rule seems to have been relaxed a little. Truth be told its more that the last couple of dogs have such a deep bond with dad that they know when he is by the barbecue and just turn up. They have also been some of the nicest we have ever had that no one really minds. Even the cat.

The UK is a country of large dogs, again from the farming heritage, so no real change there, except dogs seem to sleep by the fire at night. Tokyo is obviously not farming country (I am sure there a border collies somewhere in Japan). Also spaces does not really permit the luxury of keeping large does. On that I there is a beautiful golden retriever in the neighborhood. Most of the dogs appear to be toy dog. And when I mean toy, think the little puppet/electronic ones that you see and you are in the right ballpark. I was walking back from somewhere the other day and had to stop for a double take as this little ball of fluff appeared from behind this lady and I really could not tell if it was real or not. I was almost identical to one you buy in a toyshop. hmm, probably was purchased in the Toy Dog shop.

Down the bottom of the road is actually shop dedicated to toy dog accessories, so obviously its big business. As it is so cold here in winter and these little things are not exactly large they all need to have little jackets to keep them warm, hence the need for shops!

Anyway just an observation. I think I’ll stick to goldfish, if my apartment had room to fit them!

(Update: Apr 20 – Dinner guests for Lamb feast above noted high number of toy dogs in said hood – Positive will have someone knocking on my door soon advising that if I wish to continue living in this area I will need to purhase a dog.)

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