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Thanks Giving Japan Style. Nov 24

I’ve always believed (and written about somewhere) that one should always steal the best holidays and make them their own. Songkran (Thai New Year) is brillant, and if you like a good water fight loads of fun. Actually 3 whole days of water fight fun, no way you can stay dry. Thanks giving is also another one of those holidays that should be adopted.

Its a great excuse to get together with friends or family, or both, cook really great food and eat it all together! Thanks to all those american friends I picked up I can no longer eat turky without cranberry! And cold turkey sarnies that next day, with mayo and cranberry. Yum stuff. It didn’t seem right to celebrate thanks giving with raw tuna (which I love), so a turkey hunt was in order.

Perhaps I should have thought about adopting this holiday a little earlier, or at least prepared for it a little earlier. I did finds my Turkey, but he was frozen solid, like industrial strength frozen, and there is just not the demand to have fresh turkeys on hand incase some silly New Zealander turned up to buy one for thanks giving (which in theory New Zealanders have never heard of such a holiday)

Careful reading of the instructions showed that either 24hours in the fridge, or 2 hours in water would result in a cookable turkey. As time was passing buy and turkey needs a nice slow roast I would like be eating at 3am in the morning. Not quite what I had planned. Solution turned up in the form of a fresh chicken, some sweet corn, sweet potatoe, instant mashed potatoe, brocolli and carrots.

Pleased to report microwave oven on the oven setting does wonderful job of roasting chicken. So now that I know where to buy my meat, I am going to plan christmas just a little bit better!

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