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Pavement Problems Nov 11

A very interesting phenomena that I’ve discovered in Tokyo is the ability for little old ladies, or two girls to take up the entire pavement. Spend a little time walking around and you will come across the situation where you find yourself walking behind either of the above. For on coming foot traffice they are able to move and make way for the other person. HOWEVER, they are totally oblivious to people behind them. Well not completely oblivious because the second that you try to make it around them by ducking through the gap they move, so you swerve, they counter swerve. You duck, they dive, you dive, they counter dive.

All of the above achived without a single break in the conversation and no acknowledgement of your existance at all. I”ve seen the above happen in Europe a few times, but never with such complete determination, wide payments or consistancy.

Another observation along these lines was pointed out to me by someone else, and may also explain the above. In the UK when you walk through a door in front of someone you hold it open for them. There is a rather complex system of etiquette involved here regarding do you hold the door, how long should you hold the door etc etc. General rule is that if the person is just behind you and not holding the door open will result in it slamming into their face you hold the damn door open. Simple, polite, curtious.

Well watch yourself here kiddies, your likely to end up with a case of probiscous dooritis, ie a bloody nose as no one will hold the door open for you, correction swinging door open for you. (lifts are another story). Its possible that given the sheer number of people here holding open doors could result in your being stuck there for eternity. oh and for those thinking chivelry, well this non door opening is very equalatarian, everyone is likely to leave it slam into your face, men, women, boys, girls, and watch out for the little old ladies, they are particularly vicious!

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