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More than a haircut Nov 18

19 Nov 05

Well missed the friday posting as I was at home and did not feel very inspired to do anything, but thats another story. Saturday dawned bright and clear so the plan was to do a little shopping and get a hair cut.

Now I can hear you all saying, what the big deal with getting a hair cut. Well firstly I don’t speak Japanese, and alot of japanese people don’t speak english. They learn it as written at school, but speaking it is quite another thing. Second I am a little bit fussy about my hair as being rather fine it can be turned into a dogs breakfast with very little effort on eithers half. Thirdly I had been thinking of growing it out, so didn’t want them to cut it too short. With all these silly thought running around in le brain I ventured out my front door, walked 10 metre, and entered the local hairdressor! Wow how is that for convenient, and I thought have one at the top of the road in London was pretty easy.

After establishing that yes they could speak a little english and I would like to get my haircut now (in future on Saturday and appointment might not be the worst idea floated), and if I could wait a little bit they would sort it all out. oh and the price would be 5000\, which given I’ve paid more in the Gentry at Canary Wharf didn’t actually shock me. Its surprising how fast you adapt to expensive prices.

A few more conversation via an interpretor determined that I didn’t want it cut to short, and yes it had been quite a while (two months) since it was last cut, then it was off for the hair was. Some confusion arose as chair is fully automatic and with a touch of a button you are lowered, straighted and positioned for a hair was, a delicately smelling cloth/tissue over you eyes and nose to stop splashing and put you in your own little world. A folded towel over your knees and the shampooing began. Well what a shampooing, my hair must have been cleaned to within an inch of falling out, and I am positive I’ve gone a shade blonder. The shampoo, massage rinse must have taken a full 15 minutes, and i mean really great head massage, not a quick we’ll rub your head a few times and call it a massage western style, I am talking putty by the time I got out of the chair.

Even today on Monday my hair has never felt this clean (and i shampoo everyday). Back to the cut, the girl did a fantastic job and not rushed as all like other places, then it was back for another shampooing, then back to the chair for a full back massage. When I walked out of that place I was so relaxed I didn’t even mind that the price had gone up a little. For an hour of being pampered and getting a haircut, Totally worth it.

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