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Light Fittings and Supermarkets Nov 01

Yesterday was try and find some light fittings for the apartment. This should be an easy thing to do, except not for me. It appears that my apartment has some new kind of light fitting and all the ones I saw in the shop are the wrong type. Looks like a trip back to Tokyu hands to see what I can locate, did get some cheapy ones that actually work quite for for background lighting.

Now to figure out wood polish at the supermarket after finding that the bench cleaner is also really good at lifting the floor varnish. Yet another go at trial and error to see what does what by checking the picture on the front!

Did I mention I am right next to the “The Garden” this is the equivilant of UK Waitrose and prices to match. Noticed that many things were just that little bit more expensive. Still it’s really nice to have it there, and Tokyo Store before that and Poraroca on the other side of the road, super bloody market heaven.

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