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Did the earth move for you? Nov 14

Well at 6:30 this morning it was certainly moving for me! Wishful thinking really as I was fast asleep in a lovely dream when the dream started to shake on me. Actually it felt more like the bed had a vibrate system installed into it. I oddly seem to recall waking earlier that night trying to find the remote control that would turn off my vibrating bed. Given the sheer number of remote controls that I do have for turning things on and off in the apartment this is not such a mad expectation, what was mad was that it took awhile for me to figure out that I didn’t have one. Suspect was very deeply asleep.

However let me assure you that I have not installed a vibrating mattress complete with remote control. Actually given the way that Tokyo rocks and rolls who needs one. It ended up being a 6.9 Richter scale quake something in the pacific, so don’t really know what the strength would have been in Tokyo, made the water in my glass wobble and the spice rack in the kitchen rattle, but that was about it. Truth be told it felt alot better than the other building I lived in which rattled all over the place.

After doing a little bit of reading on this subject today I found that Tokyo has a tremor every five minutes. Now that’s alot of shake rattle and roll. It may explain why I was having terrible nausea for a few weeks. It started just after I moved into the apartment at Park Axis, or there abouts. I noticed it the first night that the room seemed to have taken on quite a wobble while I know I was stationary, it would also hit me whilst sitting at my desk, in meetings and for no apparent reason. It felt very much like when you have been on a boat for awhile and then go back onto dry land. You are stationary but your ears want to party without you.

It was occurring so often and for such a period of time it became disconcerting. I figured best to just get used to it, definitely caused some discomfit particularly once whilst I was in a demonstration. You try demonstrating project server when the room is spinning and wobbling on you, and not miss a beat! Was very worried that may the apartment building I was in wobbled alot, and I had just signed a two year lease!! arrrhhhh.

Anyway very pleased to say that I seem to have got used to it, and basically I’m just very sensitive to earth tremors. I am still conscious of the buildings doing the Maranga on their own, but I guess I’ve just learnt the steps to this particular dance.

Japan Today Article.

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