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A distinct lack of Christmas Nov 08

Okay, bad news on the whole culture shock thing. NO CHRISTMAS!! I could live with having to figure out how to roast something with no real oven, and do roast tatties and sweet potatoe, but not having a bloody holiday to celebrate it on. Well thats just rude! I should have examined the holiday schedule a little closer before I sign the transfer contract. In hind sight I guess easter is off the calendar as well. (10 minutes later), yup its confirmed, no easter as well!

Well I suppose it had to happen sooner or later with all this wandering around that I’d stumble into a place that does not have my fundamental holidays. Hey I’ve been stealing everyone else’s fundamental ones (like thanks giving), but it does beg the question why not steal christmas as well. Its basically a fairly good one to steal. Well other than the having to buy all those presents, then being with all those relatives, but then there is the plus side of receiving all those presnts and being with all your family, so I guess the deciding factor would have to be Christmas dinner.

Now the confusing thing for blondini here is that I saw Tokyu Hands (big home improvement store) selling all sorts of crimbo decorations in the seasonal department, so it sorta figured that Christmas tree’s equalled christmans. Subsequent investigations have determined that Xmas is celebrated with gift giving and dinners, just you don’t get the whole day off. Closer examination would determine that they did steal the best bits of christmas. Well almost, they day off would have been nice, and lets not forget boxing day to recover from over-indulgence.

i wonder if I can take the monday off?

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