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Unidentified Friday Night Injuries. Oct 19

So the plan so was to go for a run last night. Sounds all very healthy and good for the psych. The climate was even kind enough to have stopped raining. It was halfway home that I remembered the bruise and something on my foot. They arrived to my consious on Saturday morning which getting up I realised that something hurt. Closer examination revealed the beginnings of a rather nice brush and a lump of missing skin.

Problem is I’m not completely sure how they occured and since they were not present Friday morning will have to be attributed to "Unidentified Friday Night Injuries", and I am sure you all know what I am talking about. The injuries that you don’t recall because you don’t really remember them hurting you at the time, thanks to the wonderful events of Friday night drinks. I wish it was something glamerous, but suspect it was a dropped object such as frying pan. Oh well, not running!

Instead we replaced running with an aggressive bout of Ironing, why!. Well my new iron arrived from Amazon (next day delivery free, some thing rock here). So obviously I had to find out of it was any good. I am really have got sad, and also the owner of a totally ironed wardrobe.

Giving some serious thought as to wether I should be here or not, its not exactly been stimulating for my mind so far. Perhaps take a loss and just get someone where I familiar with things. shite third symptom.

On the bright side there was somethig I saw today that just made be laugh about Tokyo, and damned if I can remember what it was. May lunch which was delicious, sushi hand rolls that you have to unroll, remove the wrapping then roll again. Bit fiddly, but highly tasty.

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