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The Shock is Settling In Oct 18

Yesterday not the best day, did not succeed in the slightest at finding insurance, and have received nothing back from the real estate agent, or the lease company. I am coming to the slow conclusion that things move rather slowly here in Japan across the board. How slow, well it makes the UK look positively hare like.

I guess for us foreigners the compitition is not that strong so a degree of "who cares" settles in. But hey we do have some excitment today, I get to pickup my "alien registration card" to officially begin my life as an alien, I can also open a bank account, which promises to be a long and drawn out process, but then again I could be surprised. We shall see and report back all the gory details.

Well the vending machines here as just as capable of turning out bad coffee and tea as elsewhere. It must be a universal law that internal free vending machines must turn out crap so that we are forced to go out and buy our coffee. If you took a deep look at the vending companies and traced all there accounts back via the caymen island you will no doubt find a consortium of Starbacks, Nero and other lead players secretly controlling the quality of free coffee vending machines. Looks like I’m up for a walk downstairs for a Latte anyhow.

Feel totally tired all the time at the moment, not really sure why, may be the dismal weather outside, last night it was raining kittens and puppies for the walk home. Or perhaps its being forced to watch 70/80s reruns on Super Channel. Actually its rather fun watching CHiPs again. The stories are quite delightful, male chavenism still rules, AIDs and other problems did not exist and everyone walked around with big hair and smiles. Its a glimpse back to a time of innocence that is now forever gone.

Well its almost the end of the working day, and I’ve not got a lot more to report. Tuesday is always a little bit interesting in that I’ve some routine stuff to do!

Got the bank account open with very little problems at all. Actually to be brutally honest it was easier that opening one in Britain. Well in this case easier and cheaper. First step was to pickup my Alien Registration Card. For those curious this does not mean that I come from somewhere outside the orbit of pluto (although some will argue differently.), then wander over to the bank with this, my passport and some address information. Within 30 minutes walk out with Bank account, and application for credit card. Sometimes the hard things are easy and the easy things hard.

Well to cure today bout of culture shock I’m going to head home and go for a run around the whole park! With my faded tan its will be an interesting point of who is shocking who. Revenge is such an ugly trait, but hey did I ever say I was perfect!!!

And the other achivement today was get 145 out of 155 hirijana charactors right in a test. Now to work on the entire alphabet, baby steps!!

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