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The Big Move Oct 30

Well I’ve done it, moved into new location. Place is just wonderful. Here is a the excerpt of email written to parents. Easier than typing the same message over and over again!

The apartment is absolutely brillant, you might call it small but with only me it does not matter. All the furniture fitted except for a coffee table I had brought in London. Well it would have fitted, but then the room would be very crowded. I had purchased it online so had never seen it. Unfortunately/Fortunately it was not "solid" wood (unlike the oak table), but rather laminated effect wood and on closer inspection the lamination was not really very well done either. It happens to be the perfect size for holding potplants on the balcony, so guess where its gone! I don’t know if it will like the climate that much, but it will do for a few years i am sure.

The new oak table it really wonderful. Glad I got the 4 seat size, it fits the room, but does not take over. Had to get some special stuff to put on the bottom of all the furniture as the floors are all wooden. (The floor in the living room also has underfloor heating for Winter.) The kitchen is adequately sized. I would have prefered them to make the shoe closet a little smaller and put in 3 burner stove, but not a major problem, How many times do you use more than two burners? The gas system drives everything and there is a panel in the kitchen that if you press one of the button it will pour your bath at the desired temperature and depth!

Microwave and TV arrived, TV works off the computer so I now have

DVD Player
Video Recorder (once connected to Cable TV)
And my computer, I had planned it before I left and so far it is working a treat. Soon I’ll have it hooked to the internet which I understand is Fibre Optic so will be lightning fast
All in one box. It runs a special version of Windows called Media Centre and I have a remote control that runs everything from the Sofa!! Once all hooked up will be quite something. I’m going to have a go at voice control later as well.

I have to go and buy light fittings tonight as they were not included, nor were curtains, but this does mean i can get to pick my own. The view is huge, feels like you are looking out at the world. There is nothing to block the view, or have neighbours looking in. Gets some decent light as well (which is good if we remember the lack of light fittings). Instructions for everything are in Japanese so some things are a little trial and error. Someone at work today has helped big time with translating, and I found manaul which has english panel for washing machine. Fridge is fairly straight forward and is now happily making ice and keeping everything cold, now to fill it up!

The other thing that I really appreciate particularly after living at the temporary accomodation is just how quiet the place is. No street noise, sirens or such. So nice that you can actually hear in the insects in the trees below. The other place you could not hear yourself think it was so noisy. There is still the background hum of a big city, but thats never going to go away. And you can only hear that with the windows open.

Now that everything is unpacked I am going to spend next few weeks clearing stuff I don’t need as I’ve accumlated so much, particularly clothes and t-shirts. Bit hard thou as most come from different parts of the world!

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