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Slowly Surfacing Oct 27

Well I hoping that I’m finally surfacing out of stage one of culture shock. Got the phone, got the cheap call card, got my life line out to here. Spent 1/2 hour talking to Jane last night which was just great. Makes it feel like I haven’t just dropped off the end of the map into a complete parallel universe. I know that only an email away, or forbin, MSN, but its just not quite the same as hearing a voice on the line!

Starting to get to grips with the job now and have enough work to keep me occupied, and can now start to ramp up and take on more. Its odd I actually used the words にほんご が はなめません today with out even thinking them. I hope I got the spelling of that correct. As you may now have figured out I’ve learnt to type hirigana on my keyboard, watch out folks he is on a role, well not really. (2006 – update – the japanese I typed meant – "I don’t speak Japanese")

Move day is tommorow and I’ve got some extra stuff to purchase tonight for the big move, then pack my stuff and we are off. Oh better go and write my new address to carry in my wallet for a while. Bad news is that computer connection will not be ready for new apartment, and i doubt phone either. Real estate agent didn’t quite grasp that fact.

oh well next time. What you mean your going to do this again.!

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