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My Very First Earthquake Oct 17

Well folks
I had my very first earthquake yesterday. Now you may think, so what, well at my core (dig deep, real deep) , I’m still just a country boy from outback New Zealand, and my particular bit of NZ sticks doesn’t know what an earthquake is. The closet we would get is a mug slide, or a particularly low flying fletcher airplane. So big areas of terra firming shaking is not something I was looking forward to.

Actually I didn’t really notice it at first. I was more curious why the telephone cable was swinging around, then I notice the door was opening and closing to its own little rhythm, and then the fake pot plant in the corner started it own little counter point. At about this time I realised that this was an earthquake and I was 9 floors up observing it. Actually it was not a bad a I thought, but lets not roll out a larger one just so I can see what thats like.

For those interested. Anyway first earthquake survived! This is some city to get used to.

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