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Enough of the earthquakes already Oct 23

Okay, I could handle one earth quake, but pushing to 3 really noticable ones in one week, why me I ask. This is not counting the couple that I know happened while I was almost asleep. The bed moves in a certain way when the tower is shaking! Figure must have been really bad in previous life. Certainly hope I enjoyed it.

Went shopping to Tokyu Hands during the weekend at Shinjuku which is a mega shopping area, and yep it really is full on. Visually, spacially and aurally its quite an assault on the senses. Tokyu Hand itself is quite manageable and only got crowded towards the end of my visit. Found rubber matting to put under furniture to protect floors and picked up a toolkit. Located what appears to be picture hooks but shied away until can confirm what landlord will allow, so overall rather pleased with result of actually locating and purchasing.

Even located Ironing board, but was not feeling brave enough to enquire about delivery, could justify this in many ways as still waiting for confirm of local transit included in move, plus confirmation of final address, actually loads of excuses to cover that I’m to chicken shit to try it out for afraid will get it wrong. Really must get over that scary cat thing, but not easy which surrounded by people who cannot understand you. And that even if they can speak english perfectly cos mine is not perfect and difficult even for english to understand.

Back to sign language maybe. Moved on to track down a really nice fridge, but again without confirmation of house not much could be done. Actually its all waiting on that now. Oh how I am looking forward to my own pillows!

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