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British Airways, the joys of terminal 4. Oct 14

Well I’ve arrived in the Land of the rising sun and did it in style. I knew I was flying business class from London, but got a rather pleasant surprise at the check in counter that I had been upgraded to First Class.

Now British airways is not really my favorite airline, despite there advertising to the contrary. Too many long delays in Terminal 4 waiting to get checked in, along with every other Tom, Dick and Harry, there accompaning wifes, and generally 2 screaming kids. Add in a very liberal dose of europeans who are totally incapable of queuing and have to push in everywhere, a few generally good natured americans who just know this would never happen in Texas, and finally a sprinkling of people for whom english is not the first language (and know living in Tokyo I have a great sympathy for). If you wonder why I stand in the queue listening to my walkman the above is my defence, and no court would convict on such evidence, particularly if the judge has ever been to terminal 4 on a friday of a long weekend.

So British Airways fail dismally at terminal 4, so I was overwhelmingly happy when I had to check in at Terminal 1, and the "priority" check in area. What a world of difference. They were unfailingly nice, and having procured first class ticket to seat 3A, it was off to the private secrity scanner which had more staff taking care of the 3 passengers than I have ever seen at Terminal 4.

Back amongst the hoards, and a little shopping it was off to the lounge for one tomatoe juice, cos idiot here left it to late to lounge arond in the lounge, catch a little tv, a wine over some nibbles, and a molton brown spa! idiot, idiot, idiot. And the chance of me flying business class out of Terminal 1 are about the same as Rome traffic flowing correctly.

Ah, but all is forgiven, first class, now thats another write up.

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