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Try Winter Strawberries! Jun 12

There is something that a year of living here I totally love, and still cannot quite figure out, but put it down to one of those ‘Japan – go figure things’.

Where I come from in the ‘western’ world we have strawberries in summer. It is the quintessential summer fruit that is only available when the weather heats up and you want something refreshing.

Well here in Japan a thing to look forward to as it gets colder is Winter Strawberries, and I have no idea where they are imported from but they are totally scrumps. I guess at about 600 yen, or 6USD per punnet they are terrible expensive but man when it gets cold there is nothing nicer for me that biting into a bit of real summer! (or at least for those of us whom summer is strawberries.).

They are now on sale here and I’ve just had two of the most amazingly tasty little morsels. I’ll probably finish them all of by tomorrow, but hey they are really great for you.

What is so really bizarre is that when summer actually does come along they go off sale and stone fruit like the delicious white flesh peaches appear. Why a traditionally summer fruit is only available here during winter, and yet other summer fruit is here in summer is beyond me, but hey, it one of the things of the growing list that I just love about living here.

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